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Conveniently located at Parramatta CBD and only a few minutes of walk from Parramatta Railway Station, RAI Lawyers & Associates is a boutique law practice formed in 2018.

We primarily provide legal services across: Property Law, Business, Commercial & Corporate Law, Family Law and Criminal Law matters.

At our practice, we focus on a practical and common-sense approach, together with, careful legal strategizing to address and resolve any client’s issues with utmost transparency and responsibility. We keep things simple and straightforward. There is no beating around the bush, no lawyerly “hard-to-reach” thing with us. We value your time as much as we do our own.

We pride ourselves in gaining solid goodwill and trust from our clients through our commendable completion of hundreds of diverse, multifaceted client matters in a very short time. We truly believe in having a longstanding relationship of trust and confidence with our clients and give them “value” for choosing us. Thus, it is reflected in everything we do for our clients, even in the smallest of things.

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Dilip Rai - Principal Solicitor

Dilip Rai

Principal Solicitor and Founder

Chindhu Sasidharan


Jensen Tieng


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